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Have done several remixes

Dj RTN SR ...

registered by my name at USPTO with application numbers 17301979.






I have done some good tracks and music remixes, in some portion of my life… and that was while i was at the bachelor studies at the university in the field of communication engineering, and that was since 1994… and before i get my master degree in business and administrations… and I could not continue being a DJ because I wanted to concentrate to my academic bachelor degree… and I was a good DJ… I have made my tracks using different nick names, and i wanted these tracks to be published in 2011-2014… and some of the nick names that i have used to do my tracks and music could be Dj Morfou, Dj Bonxi, Dj Zorusse, Dj Zorusse, and Dj SR… May be some of these nick names are used now… but I am the developer of these nick names… and i am the real Dj MOrfou, Dj Bonxi, Dj Zorusse, and Dj SR … and I am the real one…


Eng. Yasir I. Kashgari

Mobile: +966
Saudi Arabia


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