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"Practical Guide To Operations Management" written by Eng. Yaser I. Kashgari


This book discusses the practical and useful methods for operations management. It describes the ways the managers and employees need to accomplish their work. It discusses the administration, planning, strategy methods for the operations management. The book shows the operational environmental effects and causes. Operations project management is discussed with its trends, planning, implementation and leading. It focuses on the operational management of a firm or corporation. A discussion of the products and services of this operational management is accomplished. The Total quality management is described with the ISO 9000 and the operations financial management.

The book could be unique because it could be a guide for managers and employees with practical consideration in how to make the job done, in operations fields. It concern in practical methods and procedures that could be followed, with some theoretical principals for general and operations management. It could cove the most important areas in operations sectors and departments.

The overall people whom are interested in management could gain benefit from reading this book and from following what has this book proposed. Managers and employees could have a sufficient work ethics in the way they could deal with each others, and in dealing with different kind of different situations. These situations could be caused from internal audits, or from external environments. Managerial difficulties and complexities could be cleared and could be resolved with more simple and profession methods and procedures.

I have decided to write this book because of the need to understand the formal and essential functions of Operations Management. The experiences that I have had from different functions in the operation sectors and departments could be helpful for readers to understand how operations work.



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