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Wrote Several Songs Poetries

registered by my name at USPTO with application numbers 17301980.




Since my study at King Fahd University Of Petroleum & Minerals, Electrical Engineering (Communications) 1997, and before continuing my Master degree in Business Administrations MBA… I wrote several Arabic poetries… and English poetries… with different nick names…and some of the poetries that i wrote have been singed… 


Eng. Yasir I. Kashgari





اغنيه من كلماتي ...


بصراحه كنت اكتب بعض الاشعار قبل 20 سنه حين كنت في جامعه الملك فهد للبترول والمعادن، وكنت اكتب في المنتديات باسماء مستعاره كثيره... واغلب الكلمات غنت ... .


م/ ياسر ابراهيم كاشغري

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