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Serious Reading Magazine:

Interview with author
Eng. Yasir I. Kashgari

1.    What makes this particular genre you are involved in so special?
I have written several books with different genres. I am an electrical engineer specialized in communications and got a Master degree in Business and Administration, and that gives me interest in writing non fiction books or management related books. and on the other hand I have written a fiction books.

2.    How important is research to you when writing a book?
Some books need a time for research to finalized the book ideas. and to be up to date with the information and ideas that could be proposed. and some books does not need to do research for writing them. 

3.    What works best for you: Typewriters, fountain pen, dictate, computer or longhand?
I usually write on my laptop. and this gives me more confident and satisfaction.

4.    When did it dawn upon you that you wanted to be an author?
I am a poetry writer, and I like to write a lot. and honestly, during my life, I have mad lot of achievements and novelties, specially when I was at my bachelor degree and after that when I was at work. And I wanted to document these achievements in a book. And this idea did not comes to reality until now. 

5.    What inspires you to write?
I like to write for people and readers of a new or good ideas, facts, information. and I like to help in raising or enhancing human knowledge, awareness and acts.


6.    How often do you write?
I have planned to write one to two books every year. And I have followed this plan for couple of years. And I do not think I will continue with this plan, and I like to be open in this issue.  

7.    Do you have a set schedule for writing, or are you one of those who write only when they feel inspired?
I like to write in anytime that I think I want to write in. and I do not have a schedule for writing. And I write in different times. And I think feeling nice before and during writing could ends with good products, services or books.

8.    How hard was it to sit down and actually start writing something?
The process before and after writing could not be complicated and it could be easy when the author or writer knows what he want to write about, and manage his ideas. and starting writing was easy for me, for the good amount of information or ideas that I had, and I wanted to write about. and some ways in writing could be setting a plan before writing and starting with it.  

9.    Do you aim to complete a set number of pages or words each day?
I usually write in different hours, and not necessarily in each day. And I do not plan how much pages I should finish, instead I like to finish the idea or ideas that I am writing about.  


10.    Writers are often associated with loner tendencies;is there any truth to that?
I think every writer has his/here own ways, planes and believes. And there are some outside and inside forces that could affect there pathway.
11.    Do you think writers have a normal life like others?
I think it depends on the writer or author. And if he/she is interested in some incident or not. and this could not be against knowing that authors and writers want the most benefit for people.

12.    Do you set a plot or prefer going wherever an idea takes you?
I like to manage the ideas and I like to feel that I have shown them clearly. And this could be within the book plan.

13.    What, according to you, is the hardest thing about writing?
Writing is easy and need good and better ideas and information. and the way the author or writer shows his/here work could vary, simple or interesting way.
14.    What would you say is the easiest aspect of writing?
The easiest and difficult attribute in wiring could be the proposed ideas in the subject. 

15.    Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?
I read a lot of articles and some new books. and I do not have a special author. And I read different genres with different authors.   

16.    Over the years, what would you say has improved significantly in your writing?
I think the way that the book is managed and planned and the way it is explained has been improved.  

17.    What is the most important thing about a book in your opinion?
I think the importance of a book could be its affect and inspiration on the reader. And what could be added to the reader.  

18.    If you had the choice to rewrite any of your books, which one would it be and why?
I usually don’t edit my work and I do not like to rewrite them. And I think the first draft could be the most important papers in writing.

19.    What is your take on the importance of a good cover and title?
The cover and a good title could be important to attract readers and people. And they could explain what the book is about.  

20.    Have you ever designed your own book cover?
I did some songs writing and designed some logos when I was at my bachelor degree. And yes, I did, designed some of my books cover.  

21.    Do you believe a book cover plays an important role in the selling process?
The good cover could attract more people, and could be important in the selling process. And good book cover could be friendly and could not harm or affect the humans eyes. 

22.    How would you feel if no one showed up at your book signing?
Not showing in a book signing should not affect the author future plans and path. And if this could be the case, I think will feel fair.
23.    Any advice you would like to give to aspiring writers?
I think giving advices would not be appropriate. Instead, I would like to mention that faith and good believes could make a wonderful results.

24.    What did you want to become when you were a kid?
I was moving as the what the world moves. And when I was young. I had just one occasion that I wanted to happen and one destination. And the occasion could be to marry the lady that I wanted, and this did not happened. And the destination was to go back home to the United of States, and this could happen soon. 
25.    Which book inspired you to begin writing?
I like to write about my ideas and patents. And I like to write about my believes.

26.    Do you read any of your own work?
I like to read some of my books some times. And I do not like to rewrite or re-edit them.

27.    Tell us about your writing style, how is it different from other writers?
I like to mention my ideas easy and directly. And I like to make the ideas more clear. And some times I choose my words. 

28.    Do your novels carry a message?
Honesty, most of my books carry a message or messages, and this could be if not all of them. And this could be some of the reasons that I like to write for.

29.    How much of yourself do you put into your books?
I think some of my books reflects me, and some could be close to me. And I like to write about my ideas and believes, and what I think about a certain subject.
30.    Have you ever incorporated something that happened to you in real life into your novels?
During my life, I had a lot of achievements, and I wanted to document some of my achievements and patents. Thus, I have wrote my life story in a book called “ History Creation ”. And I liked to document these achievements with some facts and events that happened in my real life.

31.    How realistic are your books?
I like to write and be faith and realistic. And I think my books could be very realistic.

32.    Who are your books mostly dedicated to?
Most of my books were dedicated to the overall people.  

33.    It is often believed that almost all writers have had their hearts broken at some point in time, does that remain true for you as well?
This is the first time, that I heard that most authors and writers have faced a heart broken events. And I like to mention that I have faced romantic events and after that I have heart broken, too. And this have occurred several times.     

34.    If given the opportunity to do it all over again, would you change anything in your books?
I like not to change anything in my books. and I may add some notes. And I do not like to re-review my work.

35.    Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
I think the proposed ideas, and the faith and reality in writing my books could be challenged.

36.    Another misconception is that all writers are independently wealthy, how true is that?
I am not sure, and I like to say that my grandfather was a very successful businessman. And he was very wealthy. And I have made several contracts with different parties, and I have gained and made some wealth.

37.    From all that we have been hearing and seeing in the movies, most writers are alcoholics. Your views on that?
This could may be true, and I think that some persons like to have certain mood some times. And I like to write within a nice mood, too. And I like to drink red wine.  

38.    How do you see writing? As a hobby or a passion?
I think writing could be a hobby or passion, or combined, between hobby and passion. And it could be hobby for some authors or writers, and passion for others. And I usually writes poetries some times, therefore, it could be a nice hobby. And I wanted to document some of my achievements, and this could be passion. And during life writing could be triggered with skills that could make writing a combination between hobby and passion.
39.    Which of your books took you the most time to write?
I am writing a series, and I have written solid books. and my life story book could have had the most time of writing. And I have spent several months just to remember that events, and I have written notes about these events. Then I have written notes about the overall book. And after that I have started writing my book.

40.    Do you make your own vocabulary words in your book or resort to the existing ones?
I like to maintain the existing vocabulary in my books. and It happened that I have had my own vocabulary. And I think it was nice and meaningful.

Eng. Yasir I. Kashgari

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