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Internet via Eelectricity Cables 

registered by my name at USPTO with application numbers 61813770.




Project Overview

Internet via Electricity Wires 
Eng. Yaser I.Kashgari 
Sunday 11th, May 2014
Registered at USPTO 
with an application number 


Description Of The Invention: 
1992-1997 and while am continuing studying my bachelor academic degree at King Fahd University Of Petroleum and Minerals, located in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (Electrical Engineering specialized in Communications), and after continuing my Master Degree in Business and idea has comes up to the new world and need to be implemented. This idea was basically accomplishes a new way to transmit internet to customers. The doctor who have viewed this new idea did not respond and refuse to adopt this new idea at that time. This new way focuses on the ability to transmit the internet data throw the same cables that transmit electricity. That is the same cable that carry out the electricity could carry the internet data without interference. This could eliminate or reduce the cost of new cables.


Purpose of Invention: 
Internet browsing.
Internet Services.


Description of Invention: 

Used Method: 
Through a fixed cables or wireless. Use a fixed cables from the telecom company.


Proposed method:
Another way of transmitting the internet .Through the electricity cables. Problems


Solved by Invention:
Another method in the backbone area. Same cables that carries the electricity.Reduce the use of extra cables.Reduce amount of money spent. Reduce the total cost. reduce the interfering interactions while browsing the internet. Could be fast almost as fast as the speed of the electricity.


How the Invention is an Improvement Over Existing Technology: 
Reduces the interference transactions of the service.
Making browsing the internet more efficient.
The service could be reached by minimum cost.


Who could use the Invention: 
Overall people and organizations could use this type of technology.


Benefits to Users of Invention: 
Cost minimized Make the browsing more helpful.
Reducing the number of distortions that could occur.


Identification of Parts/Components of Invention: 
The electricity company could install transmitters for the use of this technology.
The internet data could be transmitted through the electricity wires. 
At the end users and customers, a receiver could be install.


Description of the Parts of the Invention: 
Transmitters to transmit internet data and it could be compatible with the use of the electricity cables. The receivers could be to receive data from the customer side and it could be compatible with the use of the electricity cables.


Description of Overall Structure of Invention: 
The electricity company could transmit the internet data. The receivers could receive these data to the customers. This could be done through the electricity cables.


Relationship Between the Parts of the Invention: 
The Electricity company’s transmitters and the customers receivers are connected through the electricity cables backbone.


Description of How the Invention Operates/Functions: 
The electricity company could install transmitters that could modulate the internet signals for the internet data.
To be transmitted to the customers. 
These signals and data could be carried by the electricity cables. 
The receivers could demodulate the internet signals and are connected through electricity cables to the customers.


Unique Features of Invention: 
This type of technology could be not costly.
It could reduce extra cables used.
Time redundancy. 
The speed of this type of technology could be adequate.


How to Make the Invention: 
Implementing the transmitters with the receivers that could be compatible with the use of the electricity cables could be sufficient.




Eng. Yasir I. Kashgari


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