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Internet data could be transmitted for free for

overall customers

at KFUPM and I have suggested it to ZAIN Saudi.



Since my study at King Fahd University Of Petroleum & Minerals, Electrical Engineering (Communications) 1997, and before continuing my Master in Business Administrations MBA, I believed that internet could be transmitted free for overall customers, and have been suggested it to ZAIN Saudi Arabia.


The Technology were invented and developed to support and make life easier for human during there life daily activities. Thus, Telecom Companies are responsible for providing and switching telephone calls for fixed lines and mobile calls. They mainly, could provide services for these calls. They could find ways for increasing there profits from these services and calls actions. Internet Services are not one of the main functions for a Telecom Company tasks and purposes. These Internet Services could be supporters in the Telecom Market. I think that Telecom Companies could adopt these Internet Services but they should not consider it as a route for gaining profits. from it.


In my opinion, to free transmitting the Internet could be easily decide from any Telecom Company... It could be one of the customers rights... because the technology has been exist to make life easier for the overall people... and we could make a step up in humans knowledge and easy to communicate and share... and because Internet services is not one of the main services functions that any telecom company could provide... and the world could be going toward freeing transmitting the Internet for the overall customers... but we are trying to make it happen faster... 

The technology could be improving, and people could easily use it, and they could gain knowledge and information. People living in the 22nd century could be able of using the internet and they could benefit of using it. They could acquire the most advantages of it. The telecom companies could work together with the telecom associations to support transmitting the Internet free. This could be an advantage for culture and social environment. People could use this free services in public, home and at work. They could share information and knowledge and use the Internet services safely. 


We are living in 2014, and every occupation and field could have its own responsibilities. The overall employees could maintain to their original fields. Therefore, managerial and technical fields could do and maintain their own functions. Firms could work side with side with the internal and external audits to maintain its certain functions, and to keep a proper scale for its profession. Therefore, it is not applicable, and it is not resalable for firm's functions to collapse. Thus, in a telecom field, the main function and profession could be to exchange and switch calls and data. The essential Services for these calls and data could be adequate. Where the Internet could be related to the telecom signals field but with different functions and the Internet services functions could be far away from the telecom fields and professions. These events could lead us to the importance for the telecom companies to let the Internet be transmitting free. That is because every firm should maintain its profession, and Internet services could not be one of the telecom professions and associated functions.


Most organizations could be looking to be pioneer in certain aspects. Firms and organizations could be developing in many criteria, and could be generous if it had to be in a social or cultural prospective. Firms and organizations could be involved in a combat to be a pioneer, and those firms and organizations that are pioneers in certain fields could be gaining from being such.  In Telecommunications Novel, Telecom Companies could adopt the process of establishing methods for transmitting the Internet free.  They could be pioneers in this magnificent event and approach that could be helpful in social and cultural environment. Because I like Zain Telecom, I have submitted a project that discuses this issue. Thus, I like Zain Telecom, Saudi Arabia, to be the world pioneer in transmitting Internet free, in public, home, and work. In addition, I would like to have the Honor of the decision for transmitting Internet free for the overall customers. This decision could be helpful for improving social and cultural potential.


Eng. Yasir I. Kashgari

Mobile: +966
Saudi Arabia

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