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real story about history of trance music

registered by my name at USPTO with application numbers 17301979.





I have done some good tracks and music remixes, in some portion of my life… and that was while i was at the bachelor studies at the university in the field of communication engineering, and that was since 1994… and before i get my master degree in business and administrations… and I could not continue being a DJ because I wanted to concentrate to my academic bachelor degree… and I was a good DJ… I have made my tracks using different nick names, and i wanted these tracks to be published in 2011-2014… and some of the nick names that i have used to do my tracks and music could be Dj Morfou, Dj Bonxi, and Dj SR… May be some of these nick names are used now… but I am the developer of these nick names… and i am the real Dj MOrfou, Dj Bonxi, and Dj SR … and I am the real one… 

and I like lisning to music… I have decided to do and develop my own music… therfore, i have learned how to use certain software to produce music… and i become a good deejay… I have realized that music could be a combination of feelings and emotions… and i have thought of a new developed music… and i called that music Trance music… and i have done some tracks called “ The Language Of Trance” … and i had that good feelings while listening to the music that i have made… and then i have listened the new tracks and music to a person who i have met online, and i have discussed the new music that i have developed… and he called it Techno music… we have agreed about this new music… and i wanted to share the overall world with the music that i have thought of and developed… and to let them sense and feel the music with high spirits … and to make joyment and peace spread to the overall world… and it is belonege to the overall world and for the overall world… and then i have made some tracks describing the way i have developed the new Trance music… I have called these tracks “ Routs Of Trance ” with name neowave… and that was since 1992… I do not know, whether some one has had the patent of it… but i am sure that i am the inventor and developer of this music… Hope the overall of you enjoy listening to my invention… and to feel the music… Hope you enjoy listning to this music…

Eng. Yasir I. Kashgari

Mobile: +966
Saudi Arabia


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